About J. Goodall

I’m on a faith journey, and I’m learning each step of the way.  I was born in New Zealand but live in the United States. I am a thinker and I process a lot of things by writing, so I hope you enjoy thinking and growing together with me. I love meeting new people, trying new foods and learning about other countries. I’m passionate about helping people get access to clean water and other Civil Engineering and environmental issues.

But my goal as a person, a son, a brother and friend is to honor and love the God that first loved me by giving up all he had, His son, Jesus. And all this so that I could no longer be his enemy, rebelling against him, but instead be his son, built on the strong foundation of his truth with the hope of real, eternal life. Even though living this life is still difficult, my God is giving “sight” to this man who was once “blind,” so I hope that as I share what he’s showing me, you’ll want to know Him, too.

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